About Spiralis

Spiralis is a training and coaching center in NonViolent Communication (NVC). Our interpersonal development services are aimed at individuals, businesses, parents, as well as educational professionals.


Spiralis dreams of a world made up of authentic, respectful and collaborative relationships, where each person is driven by their deep aspirations aligned with their values.

Spiralis invites a paradigm shift, beyond the duality of good/evil, power games, judgments and manipulation. An invitation to open up to oneself and to others, as well as to difference, to embrace human beings in all their dimensions: individual, couple, family, social, professional and environmental. A world where everyone is connected to the meaning of life, to their dreams and to their place in the world.

We believe that in every human being lies the inspiration, energy and creativity necessary to actualize this vision and that it is possible to create the conditions necessary for the free contribution of these precious resources.


Our trainings and coaching sessions are based on the NonViolent Communication (NVC *) approach, created by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, internationally renowned psychologist and peacekeeper, and founder of the Center for NonViolent Communication. The meaning he gives to non-violence is based, among other things, on the precepts conveyed by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the humanist approach of Carl Rogers.

NVC allows us to create and sustain true and respectful relationships, going beyond our usual modes of communication which, too often, distance us from our compassion, both towards others and towards ourselves.

It is a language that allows us to take responsibility for our experience, our intention, our expression, our listening skills, and our impact in the world.

During our trainings and coaching sessions in NonViolent Communication (NVC), participants acquire concrete tools and integrate effective methods, in a warm and compassionate environment, in order to develop empathy and authenticity.

* For more information on NVC, visit: CNVC.org

Équipe Intervenant.e.s

Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard


General manager / trainer, mediator and coach

Jean-Philippe Bouchard


President / Trainer and Coach

Guillaume Lanctôt-Bédard


Trainer and coach

Julia Wight

B.Sc., MPH.

Trainer and coach

Geneviève Boileau


Trainer and parenthood consultant

Nathalie Grenier

CRHA, Certified coach in Integral Development

Clotilde Paulin

Apprentice trainer and coach

The spiral as inspiration

The name Spiralis was inspired by the symbol of the spiral, which represents constant evolution, the development of consciousness and the shift in thinking from “I” to “we”.

Constant evolution

Our life experiences are part of our journey and contribute to our learning. Although the significance of events may at first escape us, the spiral, which symbolizes curiosity and openness, invites us to face what presents itself with the confidence that we will find its meaning.

Development of consciousness

As a metaphor for the life path, the spiral shows us that we visit similar situations throughout our lives and that each time we see them from a new perspective. We evolve through each of our experiences. With each turn, we mature and can deal with greater complexity, with more and more compassion and wisdom.

From "I" to "we"

At the center of the spiral, a central point where we are alone with our fears and our desires. Sooner or later we are called upon to lift our heads and consider other perspectives, those of the groups that influence us and to which we belong, of our families, of the organizations, of the society, and of the culture that influences us. With a new perspective, we discover the desire to deepen our awareness of ourselves, and then to advocate for what is important to us and bring it into existence in our communities. The spiral represents this interdependence between the needs of all, our own and those of others.

Participant testimonials

The NVC training gave me the tools to better understand my needs, better respect them and better respect those of others. I am transformed. Thank you! (Translated from French by Spiralis)

Julien, Brossard

My needs have become leverages of achievement, rather than obstacles to be avoided. The other is no longer an "enemy" to be convinced, seduced or neutralized, but an ally with whom to collaborate. (Translated from French by Spiralis)

Francine, Montreal

NVC allowed me to get to know myself better and to enrich the quality of my relationships. I feel freer! (Translated from French by Spiralis)

Claire, Montreal

Experimenting with NVC teaches me the concept of "AND". I live this AND that, both are valuable. I can recognize my current limits AND that doesn't take away from my strength that I can honour as well. (Translated from French by Spiralis)

Josée, St-Côme