3 days ago
I knew everything
I basked in my opinions
The government should turn east
The prices should go south
The environment must run west
The schools must stop north

2 days ago
I knew who I was
I had planned for my vacations and my retirement
I enjoyed my little piece of happiness
I played my role exactly as expected
A good citizen, a good husband, a good consumer

My world was a neatly wrapped package
Glued together by well-researched certainties
Taken from the hall of mirrors of my thoughts
Confirmed by the screen of my daily news feed

This morning
I’m anxious, afraid even
The ground is not so solid, I cannot feel my feet
I don’t know what to trust, it’s different every day

This afternoon
I’m angry, enraged almost
My own skin is not thick enough to contain my energy

Right now
I don’t know and I choose to rest in the not knowing

— Jean-Philippe