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NonViolent Communication (NVC)

When does summer truly start?

By 8 July 2021No Comments

It’s been two and half weeks since summer solstice, since summer officially started, and I’m not feeling it yet. I’m a little surprised to realize that the resourcing and rest that I anticipate when I think of summer are not there.

To be real, and to give myself a little grace, I have simply chosen to focus on other important and exciting things, like moving house to bring discovery and space, closing down contracts and files to be organized and efficient, and planning visits with friends for connection and discovery, that I haven’t truly taken a moment to settle into this new season.

And at the same time, I’ve been too busy trying to ‘get to’ my summer to actual BE in the time that it is.

I was thinking about when summer started in various stages and times in my life…

When I was a kid, summer started the day school ended – easily the best day of the year!
When I started working summer jobs, my ’summer’ was more about gaining experience and making a little cash.
When I was working a more corporate schedule, my summer started only 2-days after summer vacation.
When I had my burnout, I felt guilty taking summer ‘vacation’, so didn’t enjoy the summer.

I’m writing this now, to both share with you these realizations, and to also invite myself into a more awareness of how I want to be and what I want to experience this season.

I need rest! I need resourcing! And I need time in nature!

And because I know I have the power and loving responsibility to take care of these important needs, I can:

  • Slow down, by: Saying no to some visits from friends; Choosing more slow walks in nature; Taking the time to pick my own fruit 🙂
  • Resource and nourish my senses, by: Swimming in the river this week; creating a playlist for my morning walks.
  • Spend time in nature, by: taking that yoga class by the water; picking my own strawberries.

I therefore consciously choose to start my summer, start being in connection with this season, and what this season is calling me towards.

And so to you…when does your summer start? And how can you allow this summer time to simply BE, and for you to simply BE in it?

Join me in a summer of truly experiencing this season:

  1. Start a summer journal, and write an entry of “how can I start my ideal summer today?
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