Are you going through a situation that disrupts your usual points of reference and methods of functioning, such as a break-up, a new family situation, a loss or a change of a job? Do you desire to experience these types of transitions as a stepping stone to personal transformation with more meaning, direction, confidence, and vitality?

Do you have conflicted relationships with important people in your life with whom you would like to live in more harmony?

Would you like to transform your ability to deal with stress and anxiety, to cope with your anger and that of others, to express yourself with confidence, and to listen with sensitivity?

Transformational coaching allows you to:

  • Ground yourself in who you are and act in an equitable and powerful way towards your personal goals;
  • Embark in serious, vast and deep work;
  • Appreciate new perspectives to set you in action towards what you are called to become.

How it works:

The sessions take place in person, over the phone or by videoconference, depending on the availability of the client. Usually, coaching evolves over a period of 3 to 12 months and sessions are held on a fairly regular basis. The information shared during the sessions is treated in a strictly confidential manner.


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    The coaches

    Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard

    LL.M., PCC

    General manager / trainer, mediator and coach

    Jean-Philippe Bouchard

    M.A., CRHA, PCC

    President / Trainer and Coach

    Guillaume Lanctôt-Bédard


    Principal trainer and coach

    Nathalie Grenier

    CRHA, Certified Coach in Integral Development / In French only