Would you like to experience more collaboration with your children? Develop an atmosphere of cooperation? How would you like to better understand what is behind the behaviours of opposition and resistance?

Parents sometimes find it difficult to find the balance between, on the one hand, protecting and providing supervision so that their children can flourish and, on the other hand, establishing a good relationship where pleasure is gained. By exploring and practicing assertive ways, it is possible to honour your needs for respect for the role of authority as a parent while also maintaining a loving and trusting relationship with your children.

Coaching in Parenting allows you to:

  • Further develop your skills in hearing and understanding your children in all facets of their modes of expression and responsiveness;
  • Develop the skills needed to protect them and set limits in a way that helps establish and strengthen a loving and trusting relationship with your children;
  • Express your anger and sources of frustration inherent in your role as a parent, without judging yourself.

How it works:

The sessions take place in person, over the phone or by videoconference, depending on the availability of the client. Usually, coaching evolves over a period of 3 to 12 months and sessions are held on a fairly regular basis. The information shared during the sessions is treated in a strictly confidential manner.


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