Do you want to be heard, understood and considered by your partner? Would you like to have more ease in resolving your conflicts, in satisfying your needs? Do you plan to have more resilience in your conversations, even in the intensity?

Coaching for couples allows you to:

  • Make your conversations easier by increasing clarity in your conversations and listening to each other. Coach support will help you express yourself and listen in an authentic way;
  • Understand the reactive impact you have on each other and increase your ability to resolve your recurring issues;
  • Explore your ways of conceiving certain situations, your values ​​and what you want to nurture in your relationship;
  • Create new ways of interacting together.
This communication work, which you will do together, will allow you to highlight your habits and tendencies in your interactions. Not only will your relationship be enriched, but personally, you will feel more authentic.

How it works:

The sessions take place in person, over the phone or by videoconference, depending on the availability of the client. Usually, coaching evolves over a period of 3 to 12 months and sessions are held on a fairly regular basis. The information shared during the sessions is treated in a strictly confidential manner.


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    The coaches

    Guillaume Lanctôt-Bédard


    Trainer and coach

    Geneviève Boileau


    Trainer and coach

    Valérie Lanctôt-Bédard

    LL.M., PCC

    Co-founder / Trainer, mediator and coach

    Josée Mayrand

    Trainer and coach / In French only