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NonViolent Communication (NVC)

Savour and store the benefits of summer 🌤️

By 29 July 2021No Comments

Most of us have by now connected to a slower rhythm, feelings of lightness, feeling of the sun on our skin and pleasure of walking bare foot… and we enjoy it! (why not take a moment to practice gratitude toward summer time and everything we like about it)

August is also the time when we realize that the (too short!) Northern summer will soon be behind us. With this awareness, various sensations may arise in our body that are clear indicators that we don’t feel good about this… When we think of the arrival of September, we might feel completely disgusted or simply anxious as our needs for slowing down, for spending time outside, for fun or for simplicity, and are maybe worried that they will soon become seriously unmet… this is normal and it’s ok.

Let’s use our self-empathy skills to understand why we feel the way we do about the arrival of back to school/end of summer period. AND, most importantly, let’s learn to savour the benefits of summer and surf that great energy to give us a boost to go through fall. This is exactly what the FREE conference of August 16th is about:

How to bring the warmth of summer into fall with NVC.