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NonViolent Communication (NVC)

Playing in the land of needs

By 2 March 2021No Comments

What fun! Needs for celebration 🙂

Playing in the land of needs is definitely my jam – my nerding-out, somatic-land-of-infinite-ideas type jam!

Watching this video connected me with what it means and feels like to “honour” needs, and celebrate when needs are met. Honouring in the naming, honouring in the playing with them, honouring in connecting to the sensations associated – my whole body says yes, yes, yes!!

This video gave me the idea of how to connect to needs that are met; to connect with our fundamental need for celebration.

Start by thinking of a strategy that we enjoy (a way that we like to meet our needs) and connect with the physical sensations —> What is giddy? What is excited? What is enthusiastic? What is gentle and warm? What is content? What is happy?

Learning to recognize when our needs are nourished, when our needs are met, is essential in learning how to best honour our needs; learning what we like and don’t like, and how we can bring more celebration into our worlds!!

Happy jamming 🙂

— Julia Wight


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