Towards compassionate organizations

Spiralis supports leaders who want real commitment from their team, organizations that want to create and support a culture of collaboration, teams that have access to each other’s creativity and energy, as well as professionals who want genuinely supportive and ethical relationships. We offer companywide training workshops as well as personalized coaching to various members of organizations.

Interpersonal communication

If you have difficulty bringing up sensitive topics; if you are sometimes told that you are not listening; if you tend to tell the four truths to everyone; if you are tired of repeating the same things over and over again; if you lack respect and trust …

Communicating in a way that generates a climate of collaboration, respect and trust despite differences of opinion and pressure to achieve results, is an attainable skill. Our approach allows you to learn to express yourself with clarity and assertiveness as well as to listen with attention and empathy, in order to create relationships where everyone’s needs are taken into account and where those involved feel engaged in business decisions.

Authentic leadership

If you are experiencing a lack of commitment from your team members; if you are feeling discouraged by the work climate and retention issues; if you find it difficult to find the balance between assertiveness and accommodation; if you find it difficult to move your projects forward; if you struggle with performance evaluation and feedback; if you lose your footing with each change …

Our approach aims to develop leadership that allows a climate of collaboration and real co-creation. This approach allows leaders to increase their capacity for influence without becoming autocratic and, conversely, to allow themselves to be influenced without being overwhelmed. Learning the principles of NonViolent Communication will help you to provide fair feedback, even when the subject is sensitive, to better establish your boundaries, to negotiate mutually satisfactory agreements, to resolve tensions and conflicts to transform them into personal learning and organizational skills, rallying different points of view and dealing dynamically with resistance to change.


If you are discouraged by the climate and the performance of your team; if your meetings seem like a waste of time and energy to you; if you are fed up with the recurring conflicts that keep you stagnant, and the lack of fun and enthusiasm around you…

Our approach promotes the ability to understand the structural, cultural and relational aspects of teamwork. It allows everyone to learn together through respectful and effective feedback, as well as through the sincere appreciation of one another.

Transform conflicts

If you avoid conflict because you don’t know how to approach it; if you are no longer able to interact constructively with key people around you; if you have to intervene in conflicts within your team and you feel uncomfortable doing so; if you see the work climate deteriorating; if you avoid any emotional subject.

We can help you develop the skills you need to transform conflicts, both yours and others. The skills offered make it possible to go beyond unyielding positions that block exchange, by gaining access to the underlying issues. Thus, by fostering mutual understanding and trust, the chances of reaching agreements that can be mobilized are considerably improved.

Professional coaching

Are you looking for individual, tailor-made support to support you in your professional development?

Whether your goal is to improve your influence, decrease your stress, obtain a promotion, solve a complex problem, increase your listening skills or better manage conflict, our coaches can help you.

The coaching we offer aims to help you see a problem from a different perspective. Coaching sessions take the form of exploring the possibilities in order to discover the full potential of a situation that, at first glance, seems difficult or even insurmountable.

Contact us to determine what would be the best type of intervention in your business.