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NonViolent Communication (NVC)

Just let it go… OK, but how?

By 13 September 2021September 15th, 2021No Comments

The return to fall can be overwhelming… We are 2 weeks into September and our schedules are already more full than we would want, the kids have tons of homework, we’re dropping balls from left to right and struggling to keep our heads above water! We can either continue at this frenetic pace or pause and make conscious choices… to let go of things….

Letting go: So very few of us know how and even fewer know how to do it “responsibly”. What most people tend to do in trying to let it go is in fact to “run away”, deny, hide, or sweep it under the carpet. Such behaviour unfortunately, is likely to have a negative impact on ourselves, on others and the situations we face, even though we are simply trying to do our best.

Let’s normalize that it’s ok to want to let go of something. In fact, we could probably make this choice more often. The importance of doing this in a conscious and “healthy” way, allows us to make choices that are aligned and solidly anchored with what’s true for us, even when it’s hard and even when we’re faced with the coming sadness of having to let go.

So how does this work? We start with investing a fair amount of time to analyse the situation, the potential impact of staying in it or leaving it, the possible alternatives and then, we are able to consciously realize that we are left with 3 powerful choices:

  1. Accept completely what’s happening in having found the meaning and purpose so we are at peace with our choice
  2. Try to change things: Make request or change the situation to bring more coherence and comfort
  3. Leave the situation with peace in our hearts with the understanding that we are moving towards our choice to take care of ourselves

If you want to know a concrete and efficient way to analyse your own situation(s) to be able to make powerful and responsible choices, join us on September 27th for a FREE conference where Julia Wight will present a powerful technique, inspired from NVC.


September 27th, 2021