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Zoom videoconference

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Along my personal development journey, I heard countless times, “Julia, you just need to learn how to let it go.” Even when said with what I could imagine being tenderness and kindness, I felt discouraged and deflated – my needs for mastery and acceptance were far from being nourished.

I simply wanted to shout back, “I’m sure that if I know HOW to let it go, I would have done that already, right?!” – or – “but what exactly am I letting go of?”

If only I had more clarity, or support, to know what to do; and so, this conference is an invitation towards understanding and learning how to “let it go.”

In this fall season, nature is inviting us to “let go”, and NVC has such a way to support this invitation, by connecting to our energy of life around MOURNING and ACCEPTANCE. The conference, led by Julia, will be an invitation to connect with these two needs with gentleness and welcome.

This is an experiential conference with tools in NonViolent communication to connect with presence and authenticity. Principally focused on self-empathy and awareness, the hour and a half will be interactive and an opportunity for you to better know how to connect to the plenitude of your energy of life – your needs!

Join Spiralis on September 27th at 7pm Eastern

This is an excellent opportunity to get to know Julia and her teaching style, and a great taste of a complete in-depth, introductory Authentic Dialogue, 2-day workshop coming up on October 9th and 10th, 2021.

Date —

September 27th, 2021

Time —

7pm to 8:30pm Eastern time

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