Team – Training and Coaching


Parenting trainer and consultant


Masters of Psychology (M.Psy)

Spécialities :

  • Training and conferences in Positive Parenting and NVC
  • Coaching for parents



Geneviève has been interested in and studying the fields of early childhood and parenting since 2007. She has been training in NonViolent Communication (NVC) since 2017. She offers trainings and conferences, and supports parents and childcare professionals since 2015 via her Facebook page “My Family Anchor” (mon ancre familial).

After a master’s degree in psychology, she worked for 10 years in the evaluation and development of early childhood programs. She has taken various training courses in positive parenting, including Isabelle Filliozat’s training in the empathetic approach for children. She completed the Authentic Dialogue Immersion program and is currently following a professional career with Spiralis. She co-created the Conscious and Compassionate Parenting Program that she has been running since 2018. Her own parenting has been an accelerator of evolution and a driving force in her search for meaning towards a greater understanding of humans and their relationships to themselves and to others. She wants each parent to be able to develop the rich and nourishing relationship with their child, to which they aspire.