August 16th : How to bring the warmth of summer into fall with NonViolent Communication



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How to bring the warmth of summer into fall with NVC


Aug 16, 2021

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Just let it go… OK, but how?


Sep 27, 2021

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Oct 09, 2021 to Oct 10, 2021

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Savour and store the benefits of summer 🌤️

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Let’s use our self-empathy skills to understand why we feel the way we do about the arrival of back to school/end of summer period. AND, most importantly, let’s learn to…

When does summer truly start?

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It’s been two and half weeks since summer solstice, since summer officially started, and I’m not feeling it yet...

What to do when my loved one is lying to my face?

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Our trainer Guillaume Lanctôt-Bédard shared about this in the video here during a presentation on "Calling Bull$h*t to Build Trust" with our trainers Julia Wight and Clotilde Paulin.

Participants testimonials

A training that is straightforward and provides perspective. Competent trainers who care and build a great group synergy. After each session, we are left with lots of tips, tricks and techniques that we can use and apply effortlessly in our daily life, with our children. Thank you for this authentic "empowerment"! (Translated from French to English by Spiralis)

Davin, Montréal

It is a great privilege to be with a community of honest, committed and curious parents, while being guided by agile and generous trainers, for several months in a row. I completed this training with a strengthened confidence, and a lot of joy and hope in my job as a parent. Thank you Guillaume and Geneviève. (Translated from French to English by Spiralis)

Anonymous, Montréal

This training allowed me to reconnect with my children. By living in the here-and-now, I can better recognize, understand and marvel at the multiple ways they communicate their needs. (Translated from French to English by Spiralis)

Natalie, Lorraine

Since the very first class, the trainers explained a diagram on the relationship with children in partnership. I immediately knew that I was in the right place, with the right people to help me establish a healthy, harmonious and fair relationship with them, and above all, to fulfill my desire to evolve and connect more. (Translated from French to English by Spiralis)

Marie-Ève, Montréal

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